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Heritage High School Students can ask questions about the people, culture and geography of the places you see in these wiki pages. Others can post information about their country, culture, and ask questions about the American HS students. Only this first "HOME" page is locked - all others can be edited by members. Discussion tabs have questions and responses about postings. Remember to be polite and respect the postings of others! Simply click the "Edit this page" button at the top of each country's page..

thank_you1.gif to all participants, especially the study-abroad students from Universities.

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Thank you to all who are participating in this wiki. Your expertise and willingness to share what you know is greatly appreciated.

Some questions the High Schools students have asked:
Is there a difference between Brazil and the rest of Latin America?
What is happening now in the rain forests with deforestation?
What is different about the culture in that country? the music? the traditions? the holidays? the religion?
Do the students go to school like students here? Everyone or just some? Same ages? Do they have jobs afer school?
They want to know about Machu Pichu and Gaucho in Argentina
What type of food do people like to eat?
Do families live together in small houses?
What is the biggest difference between life there and US?
What is the export or industry? What jobs do people have?
What sports do people play?